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Sick of unsustainable fad diets? All of my available services work towards the creation of a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, tailored to any specific nutrition or health concerns, such as weight loss/maintenance, and disease prevention or management (diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS) etc. 

Individual Services

Initial Nutrition Assessment: BDS $100

Follow Up Visit: BDS $90

14-Day Meal Plan: BDS $120

28-Day Meal Plan: BDS $200

Corporate Lunch 'n Learn: BDS $150


Mini Kick-Starter (Assessment, 1 Follow Up Visit, 14-Day Meal Plan) : BDS$250

28-Day Kick-Start (Assessment, 2 Follow Up Visits, 28-Day Meal Plan) : BDS$400

6-Week Goal Crusher (Assessment, 3 Follow Up Visits, 42-Day Meal Plan) : BDS$500 ($670 value!)

Healthy Lifestyle Go-Getter (Assessment, 4 Follow Up Visits, 7-Day "Sample"Meal Plan) : BDS$430

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